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A Holistic Educator, Maker & Emotional Resilience Coach, supporting 100's worldwide for 25 years. Helping others to have a much easier, happier and healthier life. When the long sought out for solutions were finally found, I could do nothing but share in order to ease so many other's burdens.. Call to schedule a 20 minute free consultation 508-259-3541. With love & smiles, Lori

Plant Medicine classes 

Nature Art Instructor

Resilience Skills 

 Transformative Relationship Coaching

Discover Resilience Skills to easily get through Life's Biggest Challenges
&  have the best relationships with your family, friends,
lovers, neighbors, those you work with and everyone you meet!
  • Heal all your hurt by your Parents
  • and Your Siblings
  • Find forgiveness with your Ex's
  • Love your Lover more Deeply & Completely
  • End Power Struggles with your Teenagers 
  • Build Lasting Confidence!

Find the self-guided digital audios to transform your feelings and emotions so you will no longer be affected by your past memories by clicking HERE

Warning! Possible side effects are looking younger, feeling lighter, calmer & joyful.

"I just quit smoking! I no longer need to disapprove of myself!"  

"Easiest method yet! This is great! I am peeling off new layers! My intuition is returning or rather I am returning to it. Upping my reiki practice."

Connie N

 "You've helped me tremendously - on waking this a.m. the judgy voice was totally silent for the first time I can remember." 

Margy B
Public Relations & Artist

 "I think there's so many people that could use that technique right now it's miraculous!" 

Los Angeles Business Consultant

"My issues with my Mother have definitely improved, I'm able to access the feeling and sentiments from the session on my own now if necessary, but honestly I believe I'm at peace with it all. Thanks again so much for your help."


"I would like to thank our favorite herbalist Lori for her presentation today. We started at the garden and harvested some herbs and went to the center where we learned how to make herbal oils, salves and balms. We used marshmallow, lemon verbena, rosemary, bee balm, holy basil, mullein and calendula. Thank you so much Lori, we learn so much from you and look foward to learning more."

Mom and Grandmother

"For many years, I have been on my journey to restore myself back to the realization of the divine being I deeply knew I had the capability to be. Even though I am a healer myself I was at a point at which I was experiencing some blocks to making further progress. The method Lori used during our session was by far the fastest, most profound, most complete technique I have ever experienced! Lori's gentle and loving presence allowed me to trust and release even the deepest blocks easily. I highly recommend Lori to anyone who ready to experience inner peace and unconditional love, and complete connectedness with all that is." 

Opal Soteria
Here's Your Complimentary "Plant to Body Health 101" mini class!
  • Very simply learn to use common spices and lesser known plants in your daily meals 
  • As medicine for a healthy body and satisfying for your taste buds. 
  • FREE - Plant Food = Health 101 digital mini-course

Get this complimentary Plant Food = Health 101 mini digital class to learn about the health benefits of lesser-known plants and what to do with them, by filling out this form. You'll have unlimited access so you don't even need to take notes :)

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Create your own 21st Century Classy Modern Kitchen  with these digital classes...

Lori has partnered up with Jacqueline Millar, co-founder of Terra Cura, providing Nature Art classes from mixology to eco-printing as creative outlets to unwind and recharge. 

Fairy Gardens, Terrariums and Upcycled Botanical Art are available to order or purchase at Maker Markets. 

Wonderful gifts for your loved ones, especially during the cooler months to 

help lift depression, using specific herbs or easy to care for plants along with 

charm and whimsy to uplift and brighten peoples days.

Contact lori@thymeforwellness.com to schedule a class or inquire.

The ultimate convenient solution in eliminating plastic bottled water and and your toxic cleaning solutions... while having the best drinking water,.. Kangen! What's Kangen? See demo here.

Your Download on How to Grow Sprouts

Thyme to Step Up and Actively Grow Peace! 

Will You Join Me? 

We Can Manifest This Together! 

Envision all trees as beings of Peace!

Disclaimer: Lori Walsh or Thyme for Wellness, doesn't claim to advise about, diagnose, treat, or cure any medical or psychological condition. We recommend that folks consult the appropriate professional. The purpose of this is to convey information and broaden perspectives. No health claims are being made and the information has not been approved by the FDA.

Lori's mission: To guide others in having strong self-confidence and security as you become more self-reliant, sustainable and peace-filled in your day to day life, with proven life and survival skills. Deeply connecting with what you are yearning.​ Creating your own inner & outer oasis, the way you want! Your results are my priority!