Feeling overwhelmed or confused with all the medical and alternative health options?
Learn how to confidently care for yourself with effective plant-based healthcare - easily and safely at home.

Here's some useful information and what to replace the pink stuff with:

Save MONEY $$$$ - plants & herbs are free or very low cost

Save TIME - sick visits, drug stores, missing work, social engagements & family activities, it's AMAZING how much time can be gained!

Save YOURSELF FROM ANXIETY - by knowing what to do, the confidence of how and when, while having control of the exact ingredients that are used. 

Having support to guide you and educate you with the proper knowledge for success and the confidence to know what you are doing is accurate

"I would like to thank our favorite herbalist Lori for her presentation today. We started at the garden and harvested some herbs and went to the center where we learned how to make herbal oils, salves and balms. We used marshmallow, lemon verbena, rosemary, bee balm, holy basil, mullein and calendula. Thank you so much Lori, we learn so much from you and look foward to learning more"

Roberta Hallahan

With lots of feedback from the hundreds of students attending the classes I've taught, how they almost never get sick anymore and have much more energy. Their confidence and ability to take charge making low cost, effective, plant food and remedies, relieving them of so much uncertainty and the helpless feeling they no longer have. 

So here is a step by step and to the point Master-course for you. Easy to follow along and referred to over and over again. With many tidbits shared, so you'll know the nitty gritty, as the recipes are being made. Excited to say there are 25 modules with 3 bonuses ready for you. 

Thyme to take charge of your wellness!

Take charge of your life and be prepared with the proper remedy in place, to know exactly what to do for:




soothing sore throats

brain fog

sneezing & itchy eyes

swollen glands

leaky gut



skin rashes 

shot adrenals (fatigue)

aches and pains


sluggish digestion

and more

  • This is for you if you'd like to spend more time feeling awesome, less pain, standing taller, feeling confident, in control of your life, strong and unwavering. 
  • This is for you if you'd like to be using complimentary food for medicine, rather than complicating OTC drugs, that have so many side effects leading to early aging.
  • This is especially for you if you want easy to follow, clear, step by step instruction using regular kitchen tools.

Ali King

"Your Balance Immune Booster is getting me through my 2 Childrens Hand Foot and Mouth virus. My 5 year old boy was diagnosed Tuesday. My 14 yo daughter was in the er yesterday and had a spinal to confirm she didn’t have meningitis. I’m using your tincture 2xs a day and I know I am fighting a virus but I am able to take care them too! So thank you for that!"

Henry V.

"Very rarely could I breath in from both nostrils. While running and working out, I normally breath in through my mouth. At the end of every August in New England the nights get cooler and the day gets more humid. I have always started sneezing around this time of year ever since I was a kid. My nose started to clear after a half cup of tea and stayed dry all day. I have had some other cups of tea hot and cold and my nose is fine. Thank you very much for your help."

Bonus #2 - a complete gut health formula to make yourself ($17.97)

Bonus #3 - Marsala Chai bites for a delicious, gut soothing energy snack ($17.97)

Bonus #4 - Homemade nutritious dog food ($4.97)

  • It takes from 5 - 25 minutes to make plant-based remedies, on your time schedule
  • You'll have lifetime access to a private virtual course which contains 
  • 25 modules ($395.34) 
  • plus 3 bonus ones ($40.91) and 
  • 15 Q & A Support calls ($900.00) 
  • totaling $436.25. 
  • Your cost $297 !!
  • (Exclusive offer of the support calls goes away Sept 14.)

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This time next year, imagine what your life will be like, your body feeling more balanced and healthier and your mind more clear. Your body's defense 100x's stronger! Your independence and confidence in yourself with a healthier you, is priceless!


Extra Bonus #5 Help pass forward this independence by becoming an affiliate today, while there is still time to share! Send an email to let us know of your interest. This is also an opportunity for side income.. 

I look forward in helping you every step of the way!

Taking control of you and your family's health with assurance is just like coming to America for freedom to do, live, and be free, without the hardships. Incorporating that independence back into your life.

 Let's do this!

"Over 26 years ago, I didn't know how but knew there had to be another way, while raising my kids with chronic allergies and the medical advice was not working out too well. I discovered old herbal remedies are a thing and they really help but doctors don't tell you about them or seem to know. My mind was full of questions. Like, why are they uncommon? 5 years later, I finally found a place to learn and study, discovering the truth and the fun, easily adaptable natural way. This healthcare solution became our lifestyle over 22 yrs now and my kids and I no longer suffer from the allergies and are rarely ever sick. Feeling very independent with strong confidence and watching others take charge feeling healthier and empowered too" 

Lori Walsh
Certified Herbalist